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Association of Communes and Cities of Małopolska Region
Stowarzyszenie Gmin i Powiatów Małopolski 

Malopolska is a combination of unique natural landmarks and cultural heritage rarely found in Europe. The region is home to six national parks. Nowhere else will you find so many jewels of Polish history and culture. Of the 600-plus top-level Polish heritage sites and major museums, nearly 100 are in Małopolska. Eight of the eighteen Polish sites named on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List are situated in our region. And yet Małopolska is more than just tourist sites: above all it is people. The life of the region is marked by those of the great people born in Małopolska, and among them the greatest: Pope John Paul II.

The caplital of the Region is the City of Kraków. Shrouded in history, legend and a mystic atmosphere, Kraków reverberates with contemporary life. The magic of the place is conjured by people: students, artists, tourists, scientists, buskers, and patrons (if not residents) of hundreds of café gardens and cafés frequently situated in ancient, usually Gothic, cellars. Within the ring of the medieval walls alone 300 historic buildings and 58 churches and palaces have survived to this day.

The Wooden Architecture Route, that was initiated by Association of Communes and Cities of Malopolska Region, passes through the entire Region, covering a distance of 1500 km between 237 various sites, including the most famous, those which are on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List – the churches Binarowa, Dębno Podhalańskie, Lipnica Murowana i Sękowa, and besides them, open-air museums, orthodox churches, manors, and rural and urban settlements. 

Association of Communes and Cities of Malopolska Region is one of the most dynamic non-governmental organisations of self-government in Poland. Its mission is to represent, educate and advocate for its Members. The Association strives to promote and strengthen local self-government and the sustainable social and economic development of Malopolska Region through the cooperation both on national and international level. Its vision is to develop the welfare services and quality of life. The Association establishes forums and work methods that develop the commitment, interest and participation of our members and the general public with respect to a wide range of social issues. Its main activities are: organization of conferences and workshops, publishing, information work, establishing cooperation between communities and counties on regional, national and international level, support for Our members in application for external funding opportunities.